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Shantou HLCY Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing supplier of stainless steel products. The main products are kitchen utensils, Tableware and other kitchen supplies, and we can provide design and customized services for different clients. Our products are currently available worldwide along with distributors in some European and American countries, some Southeast countries. Our advantages: 1. Competitive price 2. High quality products 3. Low MOQ purchase requires 4. Stable supply capacity 5. Fast and cheap shipment service 6. Multi-choice payment terms 7. Professional pre-sales and after-sales service Our core: Advanced production technology, strict quality-control system and scientific management give a perfect guarantee to the excellent quality and moderate price of our products. Our goal: to help clients reduce costs, speed up communication, and improve market competitiveness.
Latest News
  • 21 2020.01
    Chinese New Year is coming! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from HLCY! The Chinese calendar is divided into 12 year cycles, in which each year is represented by a different animal. The rat, the animal for the year that begins on Jan. 25 and ends Feb. 8, is the first animal in this cycle. According to the Chinese zodiac, rats symbolize vitality and intelligence. Thanks for supporting us in the last year. May health and wealth be your loyal companion during year of the Rat. See you on the new year!
  • 26 2019.12
    Tableware is an indispensable product in modern people's daily home life. It is mainly made of ceramics and stainless steel. The high-quality stainless steel tableware products are not only non-toxic, but also easy to clean and care during use. They also have the texture that ceramic tableware does not have. However, stainless steel tableware needs good maintenance in daily life to show its characteristics. How to maintain stainless steel tableware? Stainless steel does not mean that it will not corrode and rust, but only that its corrosion resistance is relatively strong. Therefore, stainless steel cutlery needs to be preserved and maintained during use. The maintenance techniques of stainless steel cutlery are as follows: First of all, in terms of stainless steel cookers, because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is relatively small, the heat dissipation at the bottom of the pan will be slower, so the temperature will be more concentrated. In order to save fuel and avoid food scorching, we should turn the fire down so that the bottom of the stainless steel The heating surface is even. Charred food is hard to avoid. When this happens, we can soak it in water first, and when the burnt part becomes soft, gently scrape it off with wood chips. After washing, dry it with a soft cloth and put it in a dry place. After using the stainless steel cookware for a period of time, there will be a mist on the surface. If the surface is smoked black by the smoke, we can use a soft cloth to wipe a little detergent to make the surface o
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